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Welcome to Boby Footwear, your number one choice for quality comfort footwear. We are dedicated to providing you with the best footwear experience, with a focus on comfort, style and quality.

Who Are We?

Established in 1974 by Mr Lau Wee Soong, Boby Footwear has come a long way from its beginnings as a shoe retailer. When Mr Lau Wee Soong first started out, his passion to provide the best footwear experience to his customers drove him to create products that combine fashion with comfort. He also travels to the far ends of the world to source for shoes.

Today, Boby Footwear is a manufacturer and distributor of footwear that offers everyday shoes that make you feel comfortable at every moment

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We sell shoes from 3 different brands.

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Original price was: $79.90.Current price is: $63.90.
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Original price was: $79.90.Current price is: $63.90.
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Original price was: $89.90.Current price is: $71.90.
Original price was: $89.90.Current price is: $71.90.
Original price was: $89.90.Current price is: $71.90.


Otafuku offers durable and comfortable health shoes and sandals that originated from Japan. The magnets built into the shoe help stimulate the feet and improve blood circulation more effectively while walking, providing added comfort. This is only possible through uncompromising quality control, craftsmanship and decades of detailed process.

What Our Clients Say

Let’s hear what our past clients have to say.

Shoe fits me very well

After buying my first pair of shoes from boby footwear, i fell in love with it. Since my job requires me to stand for long periods of time, I was able to stand comfortably for a long time without experiencing any discomfort.

Aunty Jane



I always feel that comfort and style can never be combined. However, Boby footwear shoes have changed my thinking. Their shoes are super comfortable yet stylish. The style of their shoes can be worn for different occasions and goes well with different types of outfits.

Johnny Wee

Returning Customer

Fits in every way

My first impression of the shoes was nothing special. However, when I try the shoe, to my surprise, it is extremely comfortable and I can see myself wearing it for long periods of time walking and standing.



Good quality for foot

For a high-quality shoe, it is definitely worth the price. I would recommend them anytime to people looking for comfortable shoes.

Jennifer Tan

Senior Executive

Very comfortable

I have never been disappointed with Boby shoes. They are really great shoes where I don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style.



Designed with comfort

I finally got my first pair of magnetic health shoe sandals. Excellent product and perfect fit.

Lawrence Ong

IT Specialist