About us

About Us

Committed to Quality Since 1974

Established in 1974 by Mr Lau Wee Soong, Boby Footwear has come a long way from its beginnings as a shoe retailer. When Mr Lau Wee Soong first started out, his passion to provide the best footwear experience to his customers drove him to create products that combine fashion with comfort. He also travels to the far ends of the world to source for shoes. Today, Boby Footwear is a manufacturer and distributor of footwear that offers everyday shoes that make you feel comfortable at every moment.


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Our Brand Story

Boby Footwear Pte . Ltd. was established in 1974 and has been in existence for nearly 50 years. As pioneers in the footwear industry, we are seen as role models.  Being a distributor of leather shoes, we make sure to bring in only high-quality shoes from all over the world.

About 50 years ago, we started as a small retail business selling shoes. After years of hard work, we decided to set up a factory in China in 1987 to produce high-quality shoes for our customers. In 2003, we expanded and bought a 40-acre plot of land to build our factory. To ensure the quality of our shoes, we specially imported equipment from Italy and production lines from Taiwan. We also hired experienced and skilled shoemakers from Italy and brought in our own elite management team from Singapore to manage the factory. We have sold our products to various countries such as Italy, Japan, America and all over Europe and received positive reviews.

Boby Footwear Pte. Ltd will continue to work hard to provide the best to our customers and take the company to new heights.

Designed with comfort

Comfort in every way

Journey begins with the perfect pair

Quality first

Why choose us

We travel to the far ends of the world to source shoes and only bring in shoes that are made from quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship and proprietary manufacturing methods. This ensures that our customers receive a product of the highest quality. Not only comfortable, but all of our shoes are in an affordable price range.

Quality & Classic

Offering top-notch quality products because we believe shoes are more than just shoes, because we know your life is more than just footsteps.

Reasonable Prices

Cruise into a happy place with these crowd-pleasing kicks, beloved for their luxurious support and unstoppable performance despite a low-price tag.

Sole Agent for South East Asia

Dress to impress with BOBY Footwear because we’re the sole distributor in South East Asia, allowing you to shop from timeless classic to bold statement pieces.

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